What is RBFCU Bank Phone Number? Contact Bank

RBFCU Bank Phone Number

We have been getting a lot of questions about the RBFCU bank phone number lately. Is there one? Where can I find it? We wanted to answer these questions for everyone, so they don’t have to ask anymore.

You can call them on their phone number or send an email to their email address, both of which are very simple.

What is RBFCU Bank Contact Number?


If you have an account with RBFCU Bank and are having trouble, call their phone number 1-800-580-3300. The executive will try to assist you at their best ability if you call them up.


You may contact rbfcu bank by emailing [email protected] with the subject “Member Services Request.” 


You may send a payment by mail or deposit using this Mail-in Deposit/Loan Payment Voucher Form, which you can download and print. Send the form along with your check(s) to:

P.O. Box 2097, 
Universal City,
Texas 78148-2097

AT Branch

You may also visit a nearby branch to speak with an executive who can assist you with any questions you might have.

To better serve members with disabilities, Farm Credit Services has launched some initiatives. Some include:

  • Handicapped-accessible parking spaces and entry to the branches
  • ATMs with Braille instructions and 3.5mm headset jacks
  • Drive-thru banking1
  • Accessible restrooms and safe deposit box rooms
  • Easy-to-open doors
  • Braille signage
  • Accommodation of service animals
  • Written communication with members
  • American Sign Language (ASL), Pidgin Signed English (PSE) or Signing Exact English (SEE) interpreters available upon request (24-48 hours notice requested)

Contact Online | Mobile

You can sign up for online banking if you have an account with RBFCU Bank since online banking makes our job easier and removes the need to go to banks for minor activities.

Online or mobile banking services allow you to do the following:

  • Keep an eye on your accounts and transactions.
  • Set up email and text notifications.
  • Use free RBFCU Bill Pay™3(Free RBFCU Bill PayTM3 is a bill payment service that allows you to make payments online or via text message from your phone.)
  • 4. Make deposits from your device
  • Your statements will be available for viewing and downloading.
  • Begin with opening a bank account, applying for loans and credit cards.
  • Order more checks
  • You can move money in and out of your account or to other RBFCU account holders.
  • Chat with executives
  •  After signing in to your Online Banking account, you may send secure messages.
Note: All information are collected from RBFCU Bank official website.

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